What is Match 2 Market?

Stonehill’s newest M2M™ practices, processes, tactics and Toolkit/Guides are based on an accumulation of knowledge/expertise, 35 years’ experience, leading edge research and our practical application approach.  M2M™ builds a business model that leverages today’s new market; more diverse, insular, informed and uniquely local.


Go off "auto-pilot", engage and leverage the new market

The profound changes mandate reframing the way you think about doing business today.


Key elements of this new framework are:



Don’t rely on past success to direct current tactics. Instead, shaping your plans (and company) based on the opportunities and obstacles in your changing marketplace. Update your entire business model to support success in the new market; create a powerful, synergistic “whole”.



Insular, diverse marketplaces and talent groups demand focused, tailored approaches. “One-size-fits-all” misses the mark and wastes resources in the highly niched scenario of today’s new market.



In today’s rapidly changing world, companies that are successful rely on fresh, significant perspectives (organizational intelligence) to shape their direction. This takes ongoing, structured communication with markets, talent groups and your own team.

What can block success in the new market?

Differentiate Through New Services

Our research tells us there are powerful obstructions in the way of successfully engaging the new market opportunities:


 Past success breeds no appetite“I don’t really see the market changes or, even if I do, I’m OK/successful enough now (comfort zone) and I don’t need to run after new segments or talent groups that would take time and resources to penetrate.”


 Can’t connect. “Even if I wanted to access a new, diverse segment, we have no current connections in that part of the market or in candidate pools that I would need to recruit from to connect with them.”


 Diversity. “I’m tired of the same old diversity lectures and goals (hire more women) because my efforts have not resulted in, or even impacted the results that I want or need.” 


 Changing one part of the business model isn’t enough. For example,I can bring in a more diverse team but I can’t manage them successfully”, “I run diversity seminars but the tactics don’t get used” or “my team can get in front of diverse clients but often their style is wrong and their approach is just ‘off’!”


We also hear, “even when tactics are found in some offices, good tactics don’t get shared well (or at all)”

Isn't it time to take a different approach …Match 2 Market™

To overcome these roadblocks, your team needs practices, processes and tactics that leverage the new market.




 Engages them in a strong business caseReframes issue like diversityfrom “politically correct”, “culture” focused or a” tops down message” to changing/adding to the way “I” do business to reach hard goals.


 Provides real tools, not lectures. Doesn’t rely on “paradigm shifts”. Instead, uses realistic roadmaps (e.g., practices, steps/processes and examples) for marketing, selling, recruiting, managing and structuring teams.


 Sets-up the needed connection. We address the “I’m not connected now” problem by giving steps to quickly/easily engage the market opportunity, candidate pool or managers with their diverse teams. Like all powerful tactics, the key is getting these constituencies to tell you how to (and help you) connect.


 Addresses everything – a complete business modelTo make real change, you have to give your teams the tools to “re-tool” the complete business model (not just part). For example:

• New marketing materials needa way to connect/get in front of insular (hard to access) audiences

• New prospecting tacticsfor a diverse marketplace need wider (diverse) interaction styles

• A morediverse team needs management practices that support everyone’s success


 Supports organizational intelligenceThe information and tactics gained from the local use of the Toolkits are captured as usable intelligenceso they can be harvested and disseminated throughout the business, guiding Home Office efforts and Field tactics