Diversity, Equity and Inclusion made doable and measurable

Stonehill knows that 2020 has intensified the need for your organization to
become not only Diverse, but Equitable and Inclusive.

Diverse Staff web

DEI has become critical to:


• Higher and sustained performance & productivity

• Your “brand” influence

• Driving positive change in the communities you serve


Using Stonehill’s in-depth knowledge of organizational transformation, we have crafted DEI actionable best practices that focus on building solutions, rather than defining problems.  These 24 best practices focus on the “influencers” critical to evolving the organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion capability.



Stonehill has built an organizational survey mechanism for the best practices that will:

• Engage your teams in the understanding/importance of today’s critical, leading-edge best practices

• Provides meaningful measurement that gives tactical direction on diversity, equity and inclusion.



Additionally, we provide a Tactics Guide. A robust “how to” with suggested approaches for addressing and improving the use of the best practices.

Tremendous Changes Influence

Today's Market

Make your Company Stronger and More Productive

Our M2M practices, processes, tactics and Toolkits/Guides are designed for “diversity” and more.

They strengthen your teams’ ability to leverage today’s new market. A market which is more diverse but also more insular (harder to access), more informed and local.

It's Time to Take a Different Approach... Match 2 Market

It’s not just “more women or Hispanics”….it’s a new market.


One that is very:


Diverse  – Both genders, many ethnicities, age ranges and orientations now dominate the market opportunities.

Insular – Technology and the way we communicate creates narrow, specific (often restricted) niches.

Informed – Everyone has access to financial information and information about products online.

Uniquely Local – Market opportunities and talent pools (and how to best connect to them) can vary a lot between offices and geographic


The good news…there are lucrative, underserved opportunities; if you can connect, you will reap large rewards!

The bad news… it’s much harder for you to connect (access the opportunities) using traditional methods.


  Dangers of staying in your comfort zone

It is easy to continue approaching your market in ways that have worked for you in the past, but this can leave you detached from significant parts of your changing marketplace. If you cannot connect, are not attractive and credible to them, you are leaving money on the table and markets significantly untapped!

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Stonehill's Match 2 Market™ supports a new market approach

Stonehill’s newest M2M™ practices, processes, tactics and Toolkit/Guides are based on an accumulation of knowledge/expertise, 35 years’ experience, leading edge research and our practical application approach.  M2M™ builds a business model that leverages today’s new market; more diverse, insular, informed and uniquely local.

Guides and Toolkits


We have been assessing organizational competency since 1978 (including many assessment surveys for GAMA). We build our surveys using researched, high priority, new market based best practices in key areas. We use a wide range of data collection modes (at all levels of the organization) and in the marketplace. Our recommendations are not just a review of the data but include thoughtful interpretations and specific recommendations for enhancements in processes/practices by experienced consultants.

Strategic Planning

Stonehill’s use the best practices/processes from their intense company, market and talent-pool based research, coupled with a unique “critical success factors” based strategic planning model, to facilitate powerful, outcome based, synergistic strategy sessions at all levels of the organization. Facilitated by senior consultants and engaging in a disciplined conversation, teams can identify “matched to market” strategies and turn them into real, measurable action plans.